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Deepam Academy


Deepam Academy is a leading coaching center that offers exceptional coaching services for students pursuing a Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S) degree. We have a team of highly experienced faculty members who have a deep understanding of the B.M.S. syllabus and provide comprehensive guidance to help students excel in their college exams. 

Our B.M.S. coaching covers all subjects, including Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, and Business Ethics. Our faculty members utilize a student-centred approach, which focuses on developing strong leadership skills and providing practical knowledge and real-world examples to enhance students' understanding of management concepts. 

At Deepam Academy, we believe in creating a supportive and engaging learning environment that fosters personal growth and academic excellence. Our coaching services are designed to equip students

Semester I

( 1 ) Language/ Environmental Studies

( 2 ) Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior

( 3 ) Statistics for Business Decisions

( 4 ) Any one of the following:

( 5 ) Fundamentals of Marketing Management

( 6 ) India’s Diversity and Business.


Semester II

( 1 ) Language/ Environmental Studies

( 2 ) Managerial Economics

( 3 ) Business Accounting

( 4 ) Any one of the following:

( 5 ) Business Legislation

( 6 )Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility


Semester III

( 1 ) Macroeconomics

( 2 ) Principles of Marketing

( 3 ) Management Accounting

( 4 ) Any one of the following: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

( 5 ) Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

( 6 ) Any one of the following:

       Advanced Spreadsheet Tool for business analysis

       Software for Data Extraction and Analysis

       IT Tools for Business

       Personality Development and Communication


Semester IV

( 1 ) Business Research

( 2 ) Human Resource Management

( 3 ) Financial Management

( 4 ) Any one of the following: Production and Operations Management, Money and Banking

( 5 ) Any one of the following:

Statistical Software Package


Basic Econometrics Using Software

Business Analytics


Semester V

( 1 ) Quantitative Techniques for Management

( 2 ) Legal Aspects of Business

( 3 ) Any Two of the following from any one group:


Strategic Corporate Finance

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Project Appraisal and Implementation

Business Analysis and Valuation


Consumer Behavior

Personal Selling

Marketing of Services

International Marketing

Human Resource Management

Training and Management Development

Management of Industrial Relations

HRD: Systems and Strategies

Counseling and Negotiation Skills For management

Management of Global Business

International Trade: Policies and Strategies

Transnational and Cross-Cultural Marketing

International Accounting and Reporting Business

Multinational Business Environment


Semester VI

( 1 ) Business Policy and Strategy

( 2 ) Financial Institutions and Markets

( 3 )Any Two of the following from any one group:


International Finance

Investment Banking and Financial Services

Financial Time Series Econometrics

Derivatives and Risk Management


Retail Management

Advertising and Brand Management

Distribution and Supply Claim Management

Digital Marketing

Human Resource Management

Talent and Knowledge Management

Performance and Compensation Management

Organizational Development

International Human Resource Management

Management of Global Business

Global Business Environment

International Supply Chain Management

International Joint Ventures, Mergers, and Acquisitions

Cross Cultural Human Resource Management

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