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At Deepam Academy, we understand the importance of providing students with high-quality coaching services that cater to their unique academic needs. That's why we offer specialized coaching for B.B.E. (Bachelor of Business Economics) students. Our faculty members have years of experience and a deep understanding of the B.B.E. syllabus, which allows them to provide comprehensive guidance and support to students who are looking to excel in their college exams.


We cover all subjects, including Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, and International Economics, and we ensure that our coaching approach is tailored to meet the individual learning styles of our students. Our faculty members focus on developing strong analytical and critical thinking skills in students, which are essential for success in the field of economics. We also provide practical knowledge and real-world examples to enhance students' understanding of economic concepts, which helps them apply these concepts to real-life scenarios.


At Deepam Academy, every student has the potential to excel and achieve their academic goals. That's why we create a supportive and engaging learning environment that encourages students to ask questions, participate in discussions, and seek feedback from their peers and faculty members. We also provide regular assessments and feedback to help students track their progress and identify areas for improvement.


In conclusion, if you're a B.B.E. student looking for expert coaching and guidance to help you excel in your college exams, then Deepam Academy is the right choice for you. With our experienced faculty members, comprehensive coaching approach, and supportive learning environment, we are committed to helping you achieve your academic goals and succeed in the field of economics.

Semester I

Environmental Studies Ability Enhancement 

( 1 ) Microeconomics and Applications

( 2 ) Accounting for Managers 

( 3 ) One from the List of Generic Elective Interdisciplinary courses 


Semester II

( 1 ) Business Communication (Language: English/MIL)

( 2 ) Microeconomics and Applications - II 

( 3 ) Mathematics for Business Economics 

( 4 ) One from the List of Generic Elective /Interdisciplinary Courses


Semester III

( 1 ) Macroeconomics and Applications – I 

( 2 ) Statistics for Business Economics 

( 3 ) Corporate Finance

( 4 ) One from the List of Generic Elective /Interdisciplinary Courses

( 5 ) Any ONE from the list of SKILL ENHANCEMENT COURSE (SEC)


Semester IV

( 1 ) Macroeconomics and Applications – II 

( 3 ) Basic Econometrics 

( 4 ) Marketing Management 

( 5 ) One from the List of Generic Elective /Interdisciplinary Courses

( 6 ) Any ONE from the list of SKILL ENHANCEMENT COURSE (SEC)


Semester V

( 1 ) Quantitative Techniques for Management

( 2 ) Organization Behavior 

( 3 ) Elective – I 

( 4 ) Elective – II 


Semester VI

( 1 ) International Economics

( 2 ) Legal Aspects of Business 

( 3 ) Elective – I 

( 4 ) Elective – II 

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