Professional Course


A chartered accountant (CA) is a finance expert certified to carry out specific accounting procedures. Their duties involve submitting taxes and analyzing financial statements. CA Foundation ( 1 ) Accounting ( 2 ) Business Laws & Reporting ( 3 ) Business Mathematics & Statistics ( 4 ) Business Economics & Management   CA Intermediate Group […]

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Cost and Management Accounting, or CMA, is a certificate program that grants CMA certification to qualified students. The title serves as a springboard for an exciting profession in business accounting. The four knowledge pillars of management, rules and regulations, strategy, and accounting form the foundation of the CMA course.   CMA Foundation ( 1 )

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Company Secretary is a three-year program that prepares students to manage the legal parts of a business, such as tax reports and record keeping. The company’s Secretary is intimately involved in the strategy and decision-making of a firm, as well as ensuring that all actions comply with legal, ethical, and regulatory criteria.    CS Executive

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