MCom is an abbreviation for Master of Commerce. MCom is best suited for applicants who want to work in banking, accounting, finance, or investment. To pursue this two-year degree, students should have a basic understanding of economics and business. Those possessing a minimum grade point average of 50% in their undergraduate commerce studies (BCom, BCom […]

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A chartered accountant (CA) is a finance expert certified to carry out specific accounting procedures. Their duties involve submitting taxes and analyzing financial statements. CA Foundation ( 1 ) Accounting ( 2 ) Business Laws & Reporting ( 3 ) Business Mathematics & Statistics ( 4 ) Business Economics & Management   CA Intermediate Group

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Cost and Management Accounting, or CMA, is a certificate program that grants CMA certification to qualified students. The title serves as a springboard for an exciting profession in business accounting. The four knowledge pillars of management, rules and regulations, strategy, and accounting form the foundation of the CMA course.   CMA Foundation ( 1 )

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Company Secretary is a three-year program that prepares students to manage the legal parts of a business, such as tax reports and record keeping. The company’s Secretary is intimately involved in the strategy and decision-making of a firm, as well as ensuring that all actions comply with legal, ethical, and regulatory criteria.    CS Executive

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A graduate degree known as a Master of business administration (MBA) offers academic and practical instruction in managing investments or businesses. Graduates can improve their understanding of fundamental company management processes with the degree of Master of business administration.   1st Semester ( 1 ) Corporate Social Responsibility ( 2 ) Microeconomics ( 3 )

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Bachelor of Business Economics is a management-related undergraduate program. This popular course prepares students to use economic theories and analyze decision-making processes in business. Semester I Environmental Studies Ability Enhancement  ( 1 ) Microeconomics and Applications ( 2 ) Accounting for Managers  ( 3 ) One from the List of Generic Elective Interdisciplinary courses   

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The three-year undergraduate course known as BMS stands for Bachelor of Management Studies. In India, many management institutes provide the BMS program. The course lasts three years, divided into six semesters. Candidates can expand their knowledge by improving their business, management, problem-solving, and negotiation skills. While taking the BMS course, candidates will learn about management

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BBA Syllabus

BBA is a three-year undergraduate degree program in business administration and management. It is a professional gateway for candidates interested in pursuing a career in business management. After 10+2, BBA is one of the most popular undergraduate programs. The BBA degree offers a basis for employment options in various areas, including administration, education, marketing, sales,

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BCom is an undergraduate course that provides a conceptual grasp of Accounting, Economics, Business Law, Taxation, Insurance, and Management. BCom is a three-year undergraduate program in the discipline of commerce. A BCom degree opens up several employment options, including Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Cost and Work Accountancy, Banking, and Insurance services. A Bachelor of Commerce

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